Whoooo… are you?

I spent some time last night with one of my Christmas presents, “Family Tree Maker” software. It’s made by, and includes a subscription to, Ancestry.com, which, if you’re even remotely curious about your family tree, can suck you in and kill a few hours before you even know what’s hit you. We had had a subscription some few years ago when I first got interested in my genealogy, but we had hit a roadblock right around my great-grandfather. We knew some names beyond him, but no info apart from that. Well, last night, without even trying particularly hard, we found parents, siblings, and cousins, and even managed to correct some information that we already had that turned out to be sort of, well, impossible (you can’t be a father if you’re born 11 years after your son…). And then we found Susie’s grandfather’s WWI and WWII draft cards. The original documents, scanned online. And (maybe) her father’s WWII enlistment info. Wild stuff! I think I know how I’ll be spending at least part of my weekend!!

Also, not unimportantly, today is David’s 8th birthday. He’s getting to be so big and more and more amazing every day. I hope he has the great birthday he deserves!!


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