Hey, Kettle, I’ve got something to tell ya…

Wow, I’ve got some nerve, haven’t I? I read Wil Wheaton’s blog yesterday, and he posted about procrastination and writer’s block. So what did I do? I had the nerve to comment on his post. Me, who hasn’t written here in… well, too long. Worse still, I gave him advice on how to get past a block. Sigh.

I told him that if he can’t think of anything to write, but feels the need to be writing, he should just start with “today I got up, had breakfast, etc.” and see where that takes him, and eventually he’d be reminded of a story he wanted to tell, and off he’d go. Sounds good, right? So why don’t I do it myself, then? Well, I shall. Actually, I already know what I want to write about, and I’m going to go do that now.


One Response to Hey, Kettle, I’ve got something to tell ya…

  1. Clarke says:

    Much as I hate hypocrital behavior (I was about to write hypocrits, and then realzied that everyone’s a hypocrit, and hating EVERYONE is an awful lot of work), the fact is, not acting on something doesn’t stop you from knowing what you know, does it? I mean, it can still be good advice, even if you didn’t, or don’t, follow it. Sometimes, that’s why you give such good advice. Because you didn’t follow it when you had the chance. Ramble complete.

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