It’s probably the only way *I’ll* ever get one…

July 19, 2007

You may have noticed I’m a bit of a geek, and I loves me my gadgets.  So when the iPhone was announced, I could hardly wait to see it.  Then I saw it, and I wanted it.  Then I saw the price tag, and the fact that it’s tied to a specific network, and I would have to use it on “international roaming” all the time, and, well, the joy went out of it a little.

You may also know that my wife is an avid knitter.  She has her own blog about it, The Knit Farm, which is where I stole got the name for my blog from.  She’s done some amazing stuff, and right now she’s doing some mystery pattern thingy. 

 What do these things have to do with each other?  Just this.  Is that the coolest thing, or what?


Geek chic

March 8, 2007

If you’re reading my blog, you probably got here from my wife’s blog, and so you’re probably a knitter.  Well, I’m a geek.  And this post by Wil Wheaton (very brief) may have achieved knitter/geek synergistic perfection.  Heh.  (And it provides me a chance to see if I have this “trackback” thing figured out.

Curse you, Shamus Young!

February 22, 2007

I’ve mentioned Shamus and his blog before, and in fact if you look over there —> you’ll see a link.  So today, I pulled up his page, and I see a video from my old pal YouTube.  Like a moth drawn to a flame, I cannot resist.  I click.  I’m treated to this… 

Go ahead… click it.  You know you wanna…

This IS the funny you’re looking for

February 20, 2007

Oh, yes, if you’re at all a Star Wars fan, you MUST go see this now.  Chad Vader. Genius.

Who’s the leader of the club…?

January 28, 2007

Susie and I took the kids for a surprise visit to “Disneyland Resort Paris” last weekend. We told them we were going to London for the day, and the next morning instead of taking the train home, we surprised them by getting on the Eurostar instead. We got in on Sunday afternoon, and left on Wednesday. For those of you considering a trip to “The Park Formerly Known as EuroDisney,” here are a few observations:

1) French train stations suck. They’re all (and I mean every one we saw, stopped at, or passed through) gray concrete and glass and cavernous. They aren’t so much “buildings” as “big bus shelters.” They keep the rain off, but they don’t keep the wind out, because it’s the kind of building where it’s a roof held up by posts, and there are walls but they don’t go all the way to the roof (or even the floor). They actually have space heaters scattered about, built in. The waiting rooms make the NY Port Authority bus station look like a suite at the Ritz. Have a look at the station right at the gates to Disney here.

2) Some French people are actually not rude. By this I mean the people who work at Disneyland, who are exceptionally well trained in “the Disney Way.”

3) Many Disneyland visitors (and I mostly mean the French ones) are extremely rude. F’rinstance, when the four of us were wandering through the “Alice in Wonderland” labyrinth, enjoying letting Lily “lead” us, more than once we were literally physically shouldered aside by… pairs of adults. Yes, grim faced, determined, these couples acted as though they had been told that if they were not FIRST to the Red Queen’s Castle at the end someone would take away their escargot. They have no concept of “getting in line” for something. David actually missed not one, not two, but THREE chances to get an autograph from Stitch (of Lilo & Stitch fame) because of both pushy children, and parents who shoved their children in front of him. Infuriating, and giving the parents the evil eye resulted in, of course, a gallic shrug (which, if you’ve always wondered exactly what that means, is a little shrug with a look of “And this is my problem, how, exactly?”)

4) If you’re going to go, and don’t mind a little cold, go in the low season. Waiting times for most rides was under 5 minutes, and there’s enough to do indoors that you don’t mind the wind so much. And besides, the kids don’t care, as long as they’re bundled up (and sometimes even if they’re not).

5) If you’re going to do anything requiring a reservation (breakfast with the characters, for instance) take the first slot of the day. No one else does, and you get much much more value for your time. We did the character breakfast. The restaurant was set up with 25-30 tables, and there were 5 characters wandering the room interacting with the diners. There were only 6 full tables for the first seating. Halfway through the characters leave, and 5 more come out. Still only 6 tables. We had a blast having Mickey, Donald, and the rest at our table the entire time we were there, rather than having to fight for a few minutes of their attention with the other diners (and, see #3 above).

6) Eurostar: Nice train. Take the direct one from London to Disney, and avoid the change at Lille Europe. A missed connection, a late train, and your travel day is ruined.

All in all, a great trip, despite #3 up there, and #1 was only a problem at the end. If you’re on “the list” you’ve probably been pointed to the slideshow highlights. If not, drop me a note and I’ll send you directions.

Wow, this was a “fluff piece,” wasn’t it? 🙂

The Boob Tube of the Next Generation

January 14, 2007

I admit it; I’m a YouTube junkie. I’m also a Fark junkie. So when Fark puts a link to a YouTube video, I’m sucked in. Sometimes it’s junk, but sometimes it’s just brilliant. Like this one. Did I mention I’m also a U2 fan?

Enjoy. I did.

Slowly, slowly…

January 13, 2007

OK, so I haven’t been so great about posting regularly. I want to, but it’s so easy to get distracted.

As a consolation, I offer two videos. The first, for those CSI:Miami fans out there, is a great compliation of David Caruso‘s “sunglasses” moments. If you’re a fan, you know what I mean… Actually, there’s another video out there of Horatio Caine and his “Sunglasses of Justice,” a music video set to Morrissey‘s “Boy Racer.” I’m not a Morrissey fan, so I don’t know if this is one of his “hits,” but the video is a hoot.

Second is a video that was recently played for me during a meeting at work. The presenter said it was how she felt about trying to deal with us, so I’m pretty sure I should feel a little insulted.

I’m going to talk more about politics, I think. Soon, too. You’ve been warned…